Mutch Ado About VooDooFone

Or, as mumbai med-school lingo would say it, “Basics Mein Rada”.

Get the fundamentals straight guys – get the damn voice calls to work. We love contradictions and ironies in India, don’t we? Only here do you find that basic needs are ignored, while everyone vies for a share of the top-end of the market. We have the best institutes in engineering and management, but poor penetration of primary education; the best vehicles money can buy, but no roads to speak of; and now, the 4th largest phone population in the world, among the largest business deals in recent times, but a user has to live with a sub-standard phone network.

Droped calls, jammed networks, billing issues – how is this any different from struggling with the MTNL operator for a Trunk Call? At the Roger Waters concert in Mumbai last night, you might as well have left your phone home!

Mr. Sarin, we don’t mind waiting a bit longer to become the largest mobile network in the world, or for the fastest nG technology. Can we please make a trouble-free phone call?


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