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What they don’t teach you at B-School

For those interested, an article I wrote on how relevant B-school education is in the context of entrepreneurship, was published by the Business Standard of 27th March 07, in the Strategist supplement. Here’s the link. Feedback will be much

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All Hype!

I came across this really good article analysing the current boom in the Indian economy. The gist is that Indians love hype and make a big deal out of the smallest feat without seeing it in perspective, i.e. relative events/achievements

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Google Phone?

Hardly had I stopped drooling over the Apple iPhone, when what do I hear but the other sex symbol of the Internet, Google, also has plans for a Google Phone. Wow! Most of the gossip around the Google Phone seems

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Time for a Reality Check…and maybe that Health Check

The last 6-8 months has been the closest I have been to death in my entire life. I have lost 3 friends in sudden strokes of fate. All were in their early thirties. More than anything else, it is the

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