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Matrix International Mobile Cards SUCK!

Word of advice, DO NOT opt for these Matrix ( international sim cards when travelling. On two occasions, we have been gyped in the billing. They charge you for calls you never made and services you never availed yourself of.

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Discovered “Borat”

I may come across as the proverbial “tubelight” but I recently discovered the movie Borat. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t wait to read the rest of this post. Just go out and grab the DVD. It is the

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Employee Credit Rating Bureau

Over the last year or two, anyone employed in business and commerce in India would have encountered the abysmal depths that work ethic has sunk to. Its all very well to say that India has an abundance of qualified (?),

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Dubai is one big construction site!

Just returned from a business trip to Dubai and the place seems different from the last time already. The city is one big construction site. There must be as many (or more) under-construction sites as completed sites. It is said

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More philosophy in music

This time its U2. Recently came across this simple but profound (??) line in one of their songs (can’t remember which one now, i think it was from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb) “You miss too much these days

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