Vodafone Network Woes

Is there no respite whatsover from the call drops and other network issues mobile subscribers in Mumbai have to endure everyday? We may boast the fastest growing mobile subscriber base in the world, but I can bet we probably have the worst network in the world too.

I have been a Vodafone subscriber since around 1997 (from Max Touch days) and in the last 3-4 years, I don’t think I have made a single call over 2 minutes without the call dropping at least once. This is if you get through in the first place. Often, when making a call, you either get a network busy message, or it takes bloody long to connect.

I have observed that the following are particularly bad blind spots in Mumbai and my calls in this area ALWAYS drop:

  • Marine Drive (particularly near the flyover)
  • Peddar Road (near Villa Theresa school)
  • Tulsi Pipe Road (on both new flyovers)

And this is across different mobile phones (so it isn’t my phone). I had made a complaint to Hutch in 2005 but nothing happened.

Mr. Sarin, forget ringtones, alerts, 1Re calls, or even 3G. Can we PLEASE make a simple voice call like we are used to with good old MTNL since 1970s – without calls dropping?


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2 comments on “Vodafone Network Woes
  1. memsaab says:

    This is a good article from November 2007 about this subject:


  2. Andy says:

    It is a pity that after so many years of operation, Vodafone is still not worried about its users. If one travel from Eastern express to Western Express high way through JVLR one can come across many blind spots (no connectivity) or very low connectivity spots making you get into multiple calls. Is it purposeful act of Vodafone not to take any action because they make users make multiple calls and hence more billing? Andy

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