I’m bigger than my body – John Mayer

So here’s a theory that has been twirling in my mind the last few days. It is a theory about mankind in general that seems to neatly straddle science and religion (well at least reinforces the Hindu philosophy of the conscious, the “aatma” being our real self).

I think evolution has put us on a path which is taking human beings to a point where our bodies, or indeed the entire physical world, will be redundant. Everything we have striven for and continue to strive seems to be about increasing the efficiency of our bodies, and of the physical world around us.

The evolution of our physical form was driven by man’s quest for breaking free from existing limitations, doing more, and getting rid of whatever was not required any more. The upright stance, opposable thumbs, getting rid of the tail, thick fur….

From the discovery of fire and invention of the wheel, to the modern age, all the gadgets and things we come up with are designed to reduce our dependence on our bodies and of the physical world.

From cars and remote controls, to cloning, embedded chips, robots, and what have you – we can almost foresee that we won’t need eyes to see, brain for memory, legs to be mobile, mouth to nourish ourselves or communicate…..we are effectively “getting rid” of our bodies.

We suddenly worry that we’re not using our bodies enough and that is leading to health problems, so we encourage more use of the body, more exercise. Sure we need to take care of our bodies at least as long as we have them, but if we take a few steps back, what if that is just a case of our bodies not evolving fast enough to keep pace with the creativity of the mind? What if it’s a sign that our bodies are coming in the way of our unlimited creative potential?

Similarly our “exploitation” of the environment and the earth – we’ve always seen it as destruction. What if we step back and start looking at it as part of that same continuum – in the really long run, the physical environment is holding us back?

Or rather, it is nothing but a container for our infinite creative self which is manifesting itself in various ways?

Hindu philosophy has suggested that while we seek our happiness and ourselves in the outside world, it really lies within. What if we were to look at our seemingly “destructive” behaviour from a different point of view? What if this destruction (symbolised by Shiva) accompanied by creation (Brahma) is nothing but our path and progression towards the self? [UPDATE] And in any case, from all accounts, this “destruction” of our planet, our sun, this universe, WILL happen despite man, in the normal course of nature.[UPDATE] So its almost as if man cannot be held “responsible”, its pre-ordained. It is the way it is, because that is our ultimate destination?

[UPDATE] It is not my opinion that if the above is true, it gives a license to humankind to go ahead and destroy ourselves, each other and the planet. But if it is true, the understanding might just help in keeping things in perspective and better managing “civilisation” and “progress”.[UPDATE]

As I said, its just a theory, which I have not even begun to research (intend to do so as much as is possible online). So I’m sure there’s plenty of holes to be punched.

I would love to hear your views, and even pointers to any relevant reading material/research.

And no, I’m not drinking, smoking or sniffing anything 🙂


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2 comments on “I’m bigger than my body – John Mayer
  1. Amita Major says:

    Gosh, you certainly don’t need to be smoking or sniffing anything, to think of everything you have!!!

    My thoughts below:

    I believe there is a greater force (God/ energy / Mother Nature/ chi/ other names given by other ideologies) that moves the creation, evolution and destruction of our planet and our solar system, as we (in our tiny human minds) understand it. This wheel continues to turn, and we humans can’t stop it but, I believe, we do have the collective willpower to accelerate or decelerate its speed.

    The human mind has progressed very far, it has brought us many many good things, which you’ve mentioned above (fire, wheel, remote control, cars, ECG machines, clean water etc) But the creativity of the human mind has also been harnessed for pointless evil. The simplest example that comes to mind is guns and people.

    While the creation–>destruction cycle is inevitable and out of our control, the question I ask is whether I am willing to accelerate the wheel and hasten our destruction?

    I’m also completely aware that there are no simple answers, and the action of one person, amidst a billion, may seem completely pointless.

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