Music Albums – The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

Pink Floyd DSOTM

As with any other great album, what makes The Dark Side of the Moon special is that the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts. Almost all the tracks on the album are individually brilliant. However, what you get when you hear it end-to-end is a whole journey.

With DSOTM, one can pretty much go through an entire cycle of angst with each song (and I am talking more about the music than the lyrics). Speak To Me and Breathe build up the melancholy, presenting the extreme depressive state. On the Run seems to indicate a building up of Defiance. Time shifts gears, musically a bit more angry and defiant, but lyrically still, its a losing battle.
The Great Gig In The Sky is like the bawling after a bout of anger, as the hopelessness sets in again. With Money you start to externalise the causes of your pain, even getting philosophical. Us and Them takes the philosophising a bit further, musically indicating a resignation to fate.
Any Colour You Like is the most interesting on this mood continuum. Its like the cauldron of emotions one might go through after resignation – happy, trying to have fun, angry, sad, tripping, all at the same time.
Brain Damage signals the onset of a grim resolve – “enough is enough, am going to do something about this!”
Eclipse is the grand dramatic end, building up to a crescendo indicative of the final act, only to lay you down gently. The final strains of “mooooooooon” almost make you feel the relief that the “end” brings – relief and release from the excruciating mental and psychological pain.
Its an emotional roller-coaster ride from inside the mind of the protagonist.
Which are the other albums where the whole is MUCH greater than the sum of the parts? Do share your musical epics.

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