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Jaguar Land Rover – Letter Over Spirit in customer service?

Genuine question about my experience with customer service at Jaguar Land Rover. The facts are as follows: My car warranty expired on 21st May. As per their normal process, I received a reminder email before 21st May, and a call

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Emirates Airlines – Hello, Cheats!

I have generally had a pretty neutral experience flying Emirates so far – they do their job, nothing more, nothing less, and they do it well. Which suits me just fine. And which is why when it was time to

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Cheated by Copper Project

So for our digital marketing agency, Indigo Consulting, we were looking for a SAAS-based Project Management System that would help us manage large and small digital marketing projects, and track time sheets. Copper Project was referred to us by a

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How to write an RFP

Here’s a very comprehensive and well-written guide on writing an RFP. Article is from DARE magazine which, incidentally, I highly recommend. Great, relevant content. Wish more of the RFPs we received were like this. Err, actually maybe not. Responding to

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Rahul Gandhi’s Dubious Cambridge Degree

My good friend Rashmi wrote this on her blog about Rahul Gandhi’s dubious claim to a Cambridge degree. Must read for anyone taking a serious interest in our country’s future. Please do spread this.

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Karl Marx on the current collapse of the financial sector

Thanks for this one Pankaj. Extremely interesting… “Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until their debt becomes unbearable.

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Digital Marketing – Published Articles

Wrote a couple of more articles on Digital Media and Marketing which got published online recently. Feedback and suggestions are most valued. Improving the Quality of Online Leads – Published in July 08 in Thinking Aloud, IAMAI‘s online marketing newsletter.

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