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Jaguar Land Rover – Letter Over Spirit in customer service?

Genuine question about my experience with customer service at Jaguar Land Rover. The facts are as follows: My car warranty expired on 21st May. As per their normal process, I received a reminder email before 21st May, and a call

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iPhone Mania: Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?

As always, Apple has succeeded in blinding its consumers sufficiently with its coolness to ensure that all its VERY SIGNIFICANT shortcomings are happily glossed over. I mean, I can’t get over how supposed “expert reviews” tend to very conveniently ignore

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Digital Marketing – Published Articles

Wrote a couple of more articles on Digital Media and Marketing which got published online recently. Feedback and suggestions are most valued. Improving the Quality of Online Leads – Published in July 08 in Thinking Aloud, IAMAI‘s online marketing newsletter.

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The Hounds of Television

I, like most other Indians, am still high on our recent victory in the Twenty20 World Cup. What a tournament, what a final. As has been reported by all, the best part was that most games had exciting finishes and

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Matrix International Mobile Cards SUCK!

Word of advice, DO NOT opt for these Matrix ( international sim cards when travelling. On two occasions, we have been gyped in the billing. They charge you for calls you never made and services you never availed yourself of.

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The world is Blogging, Where are you?

Yet another literary output from yours truly has found its way on IAMAI’s e-zine titled “Thinking Aloud”. The article is about Corporate Blogging and how organisations can use this new digital phenomenon to connect with its audience. Social Marketing and

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What they don’t teach you at B-School

For those interested, an article I wrote on how relevant B-school education is in the context of entrepreneurship, was published by the Business Standard of 27th March 07, in the Strategist supplement. Here’s the link. Feedback will be much

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