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iPhone 4 – Initial Impressions

Just received my new iPhone 4 yesterday. Cutting to the chase, I had to workhard at not adding a whoop of joy in the title of this post. First things: I live in Mumbai and pre-ordered a SIM-Free 32GB Black

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iPhone Mania: Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?

As always, Apple has succeeded in blinding its consumers sufficiently with its coolness to ensure that all its VERY SIGNIFICANT shortcomings are happily glossed over. I mean, I can’t get over how supposed “expert reviews” tend to very conveniently ignore

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Vodafone Network Woes

Is there no respite whatsover from the call drops and other network issues mobile subscribers in Mumbai have to endure everyday? We may boast the fastest growing mobile subscriber base in the world, but I can bet we probably have

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Switching to a Mac

My first ever new year resolution was to start taking Guitar/Singing lessons and commence Yoga. Almost at the end of Jan and I haven’t really made much progress on either. However, fair amount of effort has been put into a

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Matrix International Mobile Cards SUCK!

Word of advice, DO NOT opt for these Matrix ( international sim cards when travelling. On two occasions, we have been gyped in the billing. They charge you for calls you never made and services you never availed yourself of.

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Google Phone?

Hardly had I stopped drooling over the Apple iPhone, when what do I hear but the other sex symbol of the Internet, Google, also has plans for a Google Phone. Wow! Most of the gossip around the Google Phone seems

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Mutch Ado About VooDooFone

Or, as mumbai med-school lingo would say it, “Basics Mein Rada”. Get the fundamentals straight guys – get the damn voice calls to work. We love contradictions and ironies in India, don’t we? Only here do you find that basic

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