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REVIEW: My experience with Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Bone Conducting headphones

I bought the Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction headphones ( on a whim on a recent trip to Boston. I don’t usually listen to music while running but Brookstone had an awesome offer running on this pair and I got it

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Music Albums – The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

As with any other great album, what makes The Dark Side of the Moon special is that the whole is much greater than the sumĀ of the parts. Almost all the tracks on the album are individually brilliant. However, what you

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Nokia Lumia 920 / Windows Phone 8 Review

I’ve been using an iPhone since around 2008 and finally in February this year, I decided I had enough of an OS that was really not innovating fast enough. I sold my 4-month old iPhone 5 and switched to Lumia

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Consolidating your iTunes Library across Mac and Windows

Just finished consolidating music in my iTunes library on my Macbook, with my home Windows PC using Homeshare. It works like a cinch. Not only that, on my Windows PC, also consolidated the library for all users (self, wife, son)

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Indian Idol, Here I Come

At long last, I started taking lessons in Hindustani Classical (vocal) music today. Shri Shripati Hegde, who tutored under Pt. C R Vyas is my Guru. The first day was great, and almost felt too slow – wanted to learn

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Viva La Coldplay!

Like any other Coldplay fan, I was eagerly awaiting their new album Viva La Vida and bought it in the first week. I have to say though that I’m a bit disappointed, after X&Y which I thought was brilliant. Parachutes

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Hang Drums

Thanks to my new guitar tutor, Aviv, I discovered this phenomenal new percussion instrument called the Hang Drum. You can get the entire low down on it here, but in short its a steel drum that combines percussion AND melody

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