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Cheated by Copper Project

So for our digital marketing agency, Indigo Consulting, we were looking for a SAAS-based Project Management System that would help us manage large and small digital marketing projects, and track time sheets. Copper Project was referred to us by a

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How to write an RFP

Here’s a very comprehensive and well-written guide on writing an RFP. Article is from DARE magazine which, incidentally, I highly recommend. Great, relevant content. Wish more of the RFPs we received were like this. Err, actually maybe not. Responding to

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You Can’t Stop Them Talking

A really interesting article on Social Networking and how organisations are dealing with it. It was published as a cover piece on the Financial Times Digital Business supplement this week. Visit and click the main story “You can’t stop

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The world is Blogging, Where are you?

Yet another literary output from yours truly has found its way on IAMAI’s e-zine titled “Thinking Aloud”. The article is about Corporate Blogging and how organisations can use this new digital phenomenon to connect with its audience. Social Marketing and

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